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What is astrology?

‘Astrology is best defined as the set of theories and practices interpreting the positions of the heavenly bodies in terms of human and terrestrial implications. (The former have variously been considered signs and, more controversially, causes.) The subject – and therefore its study – is riven with characteristics, often paradoxical, that constitute both its interest and its difficulty. One is that although inextricably entangled with what are now demarcated as science, magic, religion, politics, psychology and so on, it cannot be reduced to any of these.’

… Patrick Curry, The Oxford Companion to the History of Modern Science.

David Charles Rowan has 25 years of professional Astrological experience, during which time he has created the innovative advanced self development course ‘The Dynamics of Astrology’, and the new models of astrological practice such as the theory of ‘Astrobiography’. He continues to enjoy the first class reputation for producing Astrological training of the highest calibre through the David Charles Rowan School of Astrology.

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While recent changes in British law do not necessarily require a need for a disclaimer to be presented regarding astrology, it is possibly advisable that I do so and I offer here the suggested wording from the July/August 2008 edition of the Astrological periodical; Transit:

“The new Consumer Protection Act and EU Directive may require me to explain that I am offering you translations into ordinary language of traditional meanings of astronomical cycles. These are based on ideas used for thousands of years, enhanced by information from my experience of using them. Such information is, however, challenged by contemporary mechanical science. It is offered on the understanding that it is for you to decide if this knowledge gives useful insight that helps you make better life decisions. You should seek independent professional advice for legal, medical, fiscal and other specialist questions.

If you wish to consider astrology and its place in your life and society  more deeply,” I will be very happy to supply you with an introductory  book list that will help  you get the journey of your personal research underway; please write to info@rowan-astrology.com

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