Introducing the Dynamics of Astrology

Introducing the Dynamics of Astrology

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What can a Birth chart reveal about you?

Other uses of astrology, such as weather forecasting and relationship charts etc.

Symbolic Languages

Hieroglyphs and Tarot

Esoteric perspectives; the dynamics of human energy fields: The aura, astral body etc.

Astrology in history

The Astrology of the Birth of Christ

The Paradox of ‘Fate.v. Free Will’

Introducing the Solar System

Moon Phases & how they happen

Introducing the Collective Unconscious

Introducing the concept of re-incarnation

A spiritual view of the process of birth and death

Cosmic rhythms of life: an Astrological perspective

Astrology and world prophesy

Karma: life lessons, debts and credits

The psychology of projection

Models of expectation

A simple model of human thinking

The components in an Astrological chart

The meanings of the Zodiac symbols

The meanings of the Planet symbols

A ‘family tree’ of Greek Mythology

The psychology of human development symbolised through the Astrological Houses

General information | How to enrol and pay | FAQs

Introduction to astrology and birth charts