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‘Astrology is best defined as the set of theories and practices interpreting the positions of the heavenly bodies in terms of human and terrestrial implications. (The former have variously been considered signs and, more controversially, causes.) The subject – and therefore its study – is riven with characteristics, often paradoxical, that constitute both its interest and its difficulty. One is that although inextricably entangled with what are now demarcated as science, magic, religion, politics, psychology and so on, it cannot be reduced to any of these.’

… Patrick Curry, The Oxford Companion to the History of Modern Science.

David-Rowan-birth-chart the astrological birth chart of David Charles Rowan

An astrological birth chart is a symbolic representation of the solar system viewed at a precise moment in time, from a specific location. In a natal chart, this is calculated from the exact date, time and place of birth. If an astrological birth chart is to represent the dynamics of a person accurately, it must be as complex as human nature itself. For those new to astrology, just the look of a chart can be rather daunting. To help clarify this labyrinth of symbols, circles and squiggles, 7 short video clips of David Charles Rowan explaining the dynamics of a chart, and a little of the philosophy surrounding it, are presented here for you. The links beneath the video clips take you to pages with easy-on-the-eye graphics and both introductory and advanced descriptions.

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David Charles Rowan Astrology – explaining the Astrological Birth Chart a series of 8 videos

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Horoscopes and the non-existent Zodiac – explaining the astrological birth chart

What your chart can reveal about you
To further explore the foundations of Astrology in a series of short articles with images by David Charles Rowan.

Introduction to astrology and birth charts