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David Charles Rowan has a career spanning over two decades teaching complexities of Astrology and Human behaviour. David grew up with disabled parents and was also an undiagnosed Asperger’s Syndrome child. Often bewildered and with no support, he spent most of his young life alone, feeling alienated from those closest to him and society. His natural bright curiosity, fuelled by strings of incessant questions, drew him towards establishing a mind that sought to understand the natures of the people around him and the patterns that govern life.

Around the age of thirteen he embarked on a quest to find a model of the human condition that was easy for him to understand. From astrology he found a language with which he could orientate himself in the world and clearly describe himself to others. Astrology also gave his determined nature a model of reality that contained a practical wisdom, a map and a time-table of one’s future unfoldment.

David has over 18 years of professional Astrological experience, during which time he has created the innovative advanced self development course ‘The Dynamics of Astrology’ in 2 parts, and the new models of astrological practice such as the theory of ‘Astrobiography’. He continues to enjoy the first class reputation for producing Astrological training of the highest calibre through the David Rowan School of Astrology.

From his experience as a practising astrologer, David discovered that clients who had endured harrowing events in their history, or had unresolved problems rooted in their unconscious, needed more than just the clear understanding one can gain from astrology; they needed an additional therapeutic intervention in order to resolve, heal and transform their lives.

After some searching, he encountered the Harrisonian Institute with its eclectic blend of NLP, Hypnotherapy, Psychobiology, Time-line Therapy and Gestalt work. In the early 1990’s he undertook training with both Michael Harrison and the renowned Dr. Richard Bandler of SNLP: co-founder and creator of NLP. David Rowan is an internationally registered Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP with both the Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming and the Harrisonian Institute.

Upon realising the potentials within these tools for change and transformation, David created a unique system of working practice. It seemed natural to blend these two systems and work with them in parallel: using astrology as a diagnostic psychological tool and then applying transformational techniques to enable the client to reach their desired goal. Throughout the nineties, David continued refining the system he called Modern Applied Psychology, enabling his clients to embrace lasting change.

Based in Wiltshire, his private practice has enjoyed repeated success, helping individuals from diverse backgrounds to achieve personal growth and enduring changes. David also has successful track record in the commercial arena. He has coached and mentored CEO’s, and conceived, written and presented training courses for leading companies such as Nationwide Building Society, Marsh and the Communication Workers Union.

In 2003 David became one of the first six people in the world to attain Master of Arts in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at Bath Spa University. During his time at Bath, David undertook the module of psychological perspectives and was afforded the opportunity to further research his unique working practice of combining Astrology with Modern Applied Psychology. He was awarded a distinction for his dissertation, and these papers form the foundation of the book, Mapping the Psyche in Modern Applied Psychology: Astrology and NLP Working in Practice.

This unique blend of disciplines not only carries many useful tools for the astrologer, it also engages the NLP and Hypnotherapy community. Under the banner of Astrology and NLP: working in practice, David was requested to lecture on this subject at the 2005 ANLP autumn conference in London.

David is a prolific creative talent. As well as shortly publishing the first of a series of books on Astrology, Modern Applied Psychology and Esoteric Studies, David is also a self taught graphic designer and musician. From his late teens to mid twenties he played guitar in numerous bands in East Berkshire and Middlesex and still plays and records his own music, some of which is featured here. While he has no immediate plans to revise his esoteric T-shirt designs, he casts an artistic eye over the designs of the work he presents, like this web site.

‘One delightful aspect of my work is to conduct private tours exploring the astronomy and cultural history of Stonehenge, Avebury and their sacred landscapes each summer. The tours culminate in going inside the inner circle of Stonehenge by Moonlight in a small private party; it is always a great privilege to have the opportunity to find oneself inside such an enchanting and ancient temple with the peace and space within which to meditate and drift …’

David completed a second masters degree in the spring of 2010: an Msc in Psycho-Social Studies at the University of the West of England. After initially writing on neuroscience and NLP, attachment theory and the psychodynamics of landscape in social and object relations, he was awarded a distinction for his dissertation on the neuroscience of fate and free will; Determinism and Agency in Affective Neuroscience. David was awarded a distinction for his Msc overall and is currently exploring a PhD research degree  at the University of the West of England, forming a significant part in his life-long research into the dynamics of the unconscious and the nature of human consciousness.

Papers from both his Master of Arts and Master of Science degrees are  available for viewing on this site.


the Astrological birth Chart of David Rowan

For relaxation, David is a keen amateur photographer with a love of nature and a Spitfire enthusiast. In addition, he is also  to be found in clubs, theatres or stadiums watching a diverse spectrum of live music. In recent years this has included; Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, The Who, U2, Gary Numan, Clannad, The Mission, Paul Weller, The stranglers, Waking the Witch, Pete Oxley, Midge Ure, Joan Armatrading, George Benson, John Etheridge, the Cult, Buzzcocks, the Sex Pistols and The Good the Bad and The Queen.

He can also be found, once or twice a week, negotiating the brambles in a local woodland with pockets full of peanuts, raisins and apples for the local Badgers …

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