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Ahead for you in 22 – Personal Astrology Forecast with David Charles Rowan – special offer !!

A very special offer !!

every year I offer a small number of selected fb friends a chance to have a personal astrological forecast consultation with me at half price


normally a personal forecast with me is £175

however, for you  this winter the discounted fee is just £92
(includes paypal processing fee)


this is a single, one-off, special offer to you and the booking window is only open for one month; up until the 21st of December

Once booked, you can have your consultation at any time, even next spring if you wish too

this offer will close on the 21st of December 2021 and you can book here

looking forward to looking ahead with you 😊✨






Tarot Made Easy – 3-part online course Tarot & Numerology with David Charles Rowan

Tarot – the complete guide  –  David Charles Rowan

Learn the Tarot online in 3 illuminating classes  with the ancient wisdom of numerology.


Only a few tarot masters and authors know the true secret to understanding the tarot is in the connection between Numerology: The Mystical knowledge of vibration expressed through the elements of  Earth, Air, Fire and Water.



This is a 3-part workshop exploring the complexity of the Tarot so clearly, you will not need to look up meanings of the cards in a book again …



Along with the journey of the soul’s evolving consciousness that is revealed from the Major Arcana, and the personalities of the  Court Cards, the Tarot provides you with a complete system of divination … and a living journey of meditation and self-discovery: a window into the behaviour cycles of people and the natural cycles of evolution …


‘When you read the Tarot without books, you discover the tarot itself is a book’.


Learn the Tarot with David Charles Rowan



David has been a student and teacher of Numerology since the late 1970s and discovered Tarot for himself in the early 1980s. For over quarter of a century he has taught this unique programme of understanding these two ancient systems as a holistic alchemical relationship exclusively to his students of Astrology.



‘We remember more easily that which we clearly understand’




The workshops are Online and the venue is your computer. To participate, once you have Registered (see below), a web-meeting invitation link will be emailed to you on the morning of each class. To participate, you simply click the link, enter the private passcode you are given, and you simply enter the online classroom.


the workshop dates and times (BST) are:


part 1 –   Saturday  22nd August @ 9:45am BST

part 2 –   Saturday 29th August @ 9:45am BST

part 3 –   Saturday 5th September @ 9:45am BST





This very unique Tarot experience is normally £275


However, for this occasion, this Solstice Tarot will have a Massive discount of £125 and, for you, it is Only £150


to Register and pay simply click here:


‘If you wish to experience this  amazing adventure and yet find you have financial challenges, please contact me to discuss how we may enable you to have access to learning without causing you any undue distress or worry’.



Tarot and Numerology workshop part 1  has an approximate duration of 3 hours; this time may vary depending on the quantity of questions and the dynamics between us …


Tarot and Numerology workshop part 2 has an approximate duration of 2.5 hours; this time may vary depending on the quantity of questions and the dynamics between us …


Tarot and Numerology workshop part 3 has an approximate duration of 3.5 hours; this time may vary depending on the quantity of questions and the dynamics between us …


Please Note: workshop times will not overrun beyond 60 minutes.



David Charles Rowan has been a student and teacher of Numerology since the late 1970s and discovered Tarot for himself in the early 1980s. For 21 years he has taught this unique programme of understanding these two ancient systems as a holistic alchemical relationship exclusively to his students of Astrology. Now, it is being offered to those outside of his Astrological teaching; it is online and available for you …


This 3-part workshop will guide you, not just through what each Tarot card means – you will discover why each card is denoted with those particular meanings. We will explore the history of the Tarot and the evolution of the Tarot images themselves. A number of different decks will be used to shine light on the innate structure of the Tarot, so you begin to understand their intrinsic meanings, regardless of the artistic style of the Tarot deck.


You do not need any equipment to participate in the workshop; just either speakers or headphones connected to your computer so you can hear me. You do not need to download any software; you simply click the invite link in the email I will send to you and it takes you straight into the virtual classroom and your Registration Code is your personal entry code.


During the workshop, you will see a video screen of me in the top-left corner, and in the center of the screen you Will see various images of Tarot and explanations of Numerology. Participants will be able to communicate freely communicate throughout each class and ask questions & give comment. I would ask that if you have noise in your home environment that you mute your mic when not speaking. Likewise, if there is disruption at your end, please switch off your camera to avoid disruption in the class.


Each workshop will be video recorded, so if an Internet connection drops out, you will be able to view the whole workshop again at your leisure. You will not miss a thing !


Students find the recordings invaluable …


If you have any further questions, please write to David Charles Rowan here:

or phone:  07889 673 514  during normal office hours.




‘I began a life-long study of the Tarot in 1982. I was taught by a Pagan High Priestess initially and then found Numerology within the Tarot. I have been reading cards for more than 35 years and teaching Tarot since 1991 and now, with years of experience behind me, the technology is available to share what I have learned with you online.’

‘In understanding the structure and framework of the Tarot, you will find that you will intuitively ‘know’ the meaning of each card’ ….

… this means you will become less dependent on books in order to know the meanings of the cards, and your books may even never be used, because you are learning to flow with your inner wisdom. It is always good to read the Tarot intuitively and you can harness your innate skills and instincts when you train your intuitions. The structure of the Tarot gives your instincts a framework around which your wisdom may flow.’


It will be my pleasure to share what I know with  you …








In Other’s Words …

‘I am so blessed to have been able to do the tarot/ Numerology course with you Dave , it has really opened my eyes to the tarot in a different way and has clarified the meanings beautifully .
I have been an intuitive reader for a few years now ,but i didn’t feel as confident with the actual tarot as i knew there was more to them that i needed to learn so i worked with the oracle cards more to compensate .
It is amazing the amount i have learned in just a three-part course and how much information ,valued knowledge and understanding that is packed into this course .
I love the way that you teach and could listen to you for hours 🙂. So happy that you are my teacher .
I have made some beautiful friends through being a part of this group ,we have felt connected and it has been a joy spending this special time together .
A huge heartfelt thank you ❤ 🙂
M, Cornwall ‘


‘Dear David


Thank you for the hand outs and for this email, and I just wanted to write and let you know my thoughts on the course and how I found it, as well as to thank you for such an interesting, profound, well structured and excellently put together tarot and numerology course. (See review below).


Wow! What can I say? I loved every minute of it. I found it so clear, concise, enlightening and fascinating. I’m not new to tarot, having worked with many decks over many years, but I found your course offered me interesting new perspectives, interpretations and different approaches, as well as lay out and reading suggestions I haven’t come across before.


I found the numerology aspect of the course particularly helpful and enlightening. I have seen a numerology approach before, but not as concise and succinct as yours, and also not using more than the English alphabet/modern approach, so that was really interesting, and again offered a very different outlook. Fantastic. Thank you.


Your teaching style is so easy and relaxed, as well as engaging and absorbing. The time flies, and always leaves me hungry for more! You really are a wonderful teacher.


I find the online format, very accessible and easy to work with. It is great to be able to attend ‘live’ classes, whilst still in the comfort of my home, and obviously, so great to be able to follow you in this format, given that I live at such a distance away, and attending regular classes in your home area would be impossible for me, so this online format is a real boon for me. And lovely to be able to connect with others in the class and get to know them a little in a comfortable and ambient environment.


Something else I found too, was that the course totally inspired me and re-fired my enthusiasm for tarot and tarot study. I have found of late that my readings were feeling a bit ‘lacklustre’ and I sometimes felt I was ‘misfiring’. But I feel completely enthused and energised about my work with tarot since doing the course, and feel I can give so much more to my readings and my path-working with tarot now.


May I also say, that the hand-outs have been an absolute God/ess send. Offering in summary, so much of what we covered on the course, and acting as a handy reference. They’re terrific. Thank you. (And of course as always, put together so clearly and concisely).


The course was fantastic David. Thank you so much. I’m so glad I signed up for it! Brilliant!

(Hope that helps for your reviews file David, and I really, really have loved every minute of the course).




Be in touch very soon,


Much love, and Bright blessings’


“I participated in David Rowan’s spellbinding Tarot course and can attest to the fact that his teaching style was illuminating and simply delightful!
It was like taking a mystical step back in to the history of the esoteric arts, filled with rich symbolism which resulted in a deeper understanding of Tarot and its profound origins”.
S., South Africa
David’s knowledge is immense, delivered in a such away it felt akin to becoming part of a story told in a way that fires up curiosity, sparking imagination that draws you into a fabulous journey of exploration. The course was fun, informative, interesting and mesmersiring.
Thank you David, it was a true delight.
J., Wales
Coming from one teacher to another, Dave is the most inspirational tutor I have ever had. His style suits perfectly the online world where you can be relaxed, and so can he, in the safeness of your own home (and he in his).
The amalgamation of interactive lectures on Astrology and Tarot coupled with bright, clear pictures, graphs and cards is delivered with the hidden skills of his mastery of language and hypnotic cadences. Dave is so thorough in his style and can go off on a variety of tangents, but every twist and turn of the narrative brings him eventually back wonderfully to the point he started at. It is like being given a black and white picture to colour in of ,say ,one star sign or tarot card that during the lesson is coloured in with hues you didn’t even knew existed. Whether you are a beginner or well versed in Astrology or Tarot, Dave will take you on a kaleidoscopic journey of psychology , philosophy , numerology ….Dave is a brilliant testament to his Aspergers .
Dave shows considerable generosity with his time and has been helpful numerous times, for free, in helping me through some sticky times, job applications and interviews, some heart ache and being a bloody good human being.
Being able to have a recording of each class is the most helpful tool to learning I have ever had and I am so pleased to still be a student of his, nearly 15 years later. No other teacher has got me through so many of their classes having a series of revelations in quite the same way. Astounding and Sublime teaching.
R., England



Astrology: Personal Forecast 2021 – very special offer !

Astrology: Personal Forecast 2021 – very special offer !

save £90


David Rowan Astrology

Save £90 !
Personal Forecast consultation normally £195, but now only £105 for very select people … offer ends midnight 14th November 2020
Forecast will cover long term trends and a close up focus to the end of 2021
Book now and arrange for your consultation  whenever you wish; before or after the festive season
or during the festive season if you wish 🙂
to book, click here

and email David at to arrange your online consultation
Looking forward to looking with  you 🙂
in kindness


A review of my reading

I had an astrology reading (if you could call it that as it was above and beyond what anyone might typically expect) with David Charles Rowan yesterday. Well I thought I had good Astro readings before but this was the daddy of all readings. David is so deeply knowledgeable, incredibly intelligent, clear and fascinating. It was truly something very special and so is he. This is a man with so much experience and knowledge of his craft that I don’t think it could get any better. Thank you David ???? ‘