Detailed Astrology Chart

Detailed Astrology Chart

The items covered are :-

Table of Contents

Sojourn: the journey of this life

Your Soul purpose, your life-mission

The context or underlying agenda of this life…

First time in this particular culture/family or Soul Group/Family & so may experience alienation or vulnerability in the areas shown

Your general life path

Your general characteristics and personality

Your sense of identity and what you identify with

What your life tends to revolve around

Your general characteristics and personality

Your deepest inner core self

Your sense of personal power

Ability to project power and warmth into immediate environment through creativity or communications in some form

Life in the Womb:

Life in the womb

The tone of your mother’s significant experiences while you were being carried in the womb

What you unconsciously carry with you through life that originates from your gestation time

Birth and the Beginning of your life as an independent being

Birth and the 1st 6 months of life

The initial impression you have of ‘what life is all about’ and the persona you adopt to accommodate this world view.

The effect of our arrival ‘on the scene’

The personality you present to the world on first meeting.

The archetypal principles ignited whenever you ‘ get something started’.

Physical appearance: in a symbolic sense, as viewed through the lens of astrology.

Infancy: the first 3 Years of Life

Your life path from 0 – 3 years:

Early home environment:

Your relationship with your Mother and your perception of her

In what ways your Mother unconsciously influenced the nature of your general perception of women

Your relationship with your Father and your perception of him

In what ways your Father unconsciously influenced the nature of your general perception of men

Family of origin – a general view

Adaptation to social and family rules

Attitude towards authority formed from interaction with parents

Concept of what constitutes being a successful person, and what will bring success

Archetypal fears and potentials to fail

Your unconscious patterning and conditioning

Principles that may contribute to the formation of rigid emotional complexes

Repressed unconscious patterns:

Repressed desires or values

Spiritual openness and influences from the collective unconscious

Dreams and the imagination

Escapist dynamics that may develop within your unconscious: the unconscious disillusionment experienced from comparing being born into physical life with the recent pre-birth state of unbounded spiritual bliss

Security, safety and the dawning of your personal value system: What brings security?

What you value and how you treat that which is of value to you

Deeply ingrained values

What can cause you to feel vulnerable?

Emotional needs

Undeveloped qualities which will surface later in adult life

Resources you will grow through this life

Talents developed from this very young age

Early Childhood: Your life between three and seven years of age

Your life between 3 and 7 years of age:

Exploring the immediate environment: your impressions and perceptions

Encountering a big world ‘out there’: your developing relationship with change and how you deal with it during this formative time

How you deal with growth and change

Resistance to change

Your relationship with routine, and the routines you may work best with

How you end things

How big or small you feel in a big world

The condition of your self-confidence and your experience of personal influence and power to control your life

How capable you feel at shaping the world into the way you want it to be: your personal influence

Thinking, learning and your relationship with knowledge: Development of language and your thinking style

Inhibited thoughts

Your selective perception

General learning style

Deep and clear understanding

Immediate comprehension

The type of knowledge that will contribute to increased self-confidence

Your communication skills

Laughing and playing: the style of your Sense of humour and what you find funny

Child play in general

Propensity for alienation during child-play

How you create

What you might create

Unfocussed creative talent

The life you create with other children in your household: your relationship with siblings

How your siblings seemed to you

Early peer group dynamics

Empathy: What you empathise with and your relationship with empathic experiences

Your experience of school and life in the classroom

Early education and how you faired at school in a general sense

Approach to knowledge and what captures your interest

Analytical style

Organisational style

Skill development – approach & process

Types of Skills we can develop well

General approach to ideas of perfection and where you may most readily exhibit these abilities


Faults (conscious growth promoters) that may be hard to ignore

Concepts of Physical perfection and how it ‘should’ be

Health Matters

Your attitude to health

Body – Mind relationship

Principles may unconsciously or subliminally affect the Mind-Body balance

When in balance the principals involved can allow the body to have a direct physical-contact experience with spiritual energy

General physical health

Health issues that may arise from stress or psychological and emotional causes

Principles that, when not acted upon, may cause erratic thought patterns resulting in overloaded stress on the central nervous system

Spiritual Healing: how we may benefit from receiving it

Fitness and Vitality

Competitive games and Sports

Games of chance and daring

Our sense of well-being enhanced through being useful, purposeful and productive

Attitude to service and serving others


How we serve ourselves and our home with the daily rituals of living: keeping our house ‘together’


Your later childhood: life between seven and fourteen years of age

Your life between 7 and 14 years of age

Your self-worth and self-esteem

The Further refinement of your concept of security and your value system

Your sense of self value & innate worth

Symbolic and literal wealth in a general sense

Desire and Acquisition – what you want and how you get it

Sensuality – Approach to the Physical world

Attitude to nature

Physical tastes – Food

The absorption of experience

Your inner sense of timing: internal ‘seasonal’ clock –


Endurance vs. Stubbornness

How you get ‘stuck’ psychologically and emotionally

Sharing your belongings, personal space and issues of territory

Loss of transitory identity attachments






Labelling the self

Your labelling of other people

Your relationship with other’s images

The Artist within you: what inspires you

Aesthetic appreciation

Inspiration: what insights it and how you express it

Propensity for creative genius

Art, Music, Dance, Drama, Poetry, Photography

Internal escapism: daydreams and Fantasy

Confusion ~ Illusion

Beauty: where you tend to find it and what you consider to be beautiful for you




Justice: both personal and impersonal. What constitutes justice for you and where justice will be important for you?

Your friends and social life






Social style

Social values

Social confidence

Types of friendships we attract

Types of friends we attract

What we are like in friendship

What we love

Relationship to your self

Relating style

Propensity for an inability to recognise borderline between friendships and romance


Adolescence and the emergence into adulthood: Your life between fourteen and twenty one

Life in general between fourteen at twenty one

Romance, Commitment and Your Sex Life

Romance in a general sense

Propensity for unusual romantic situations

What may inspire devoted love within, or for you?

The types of people you may attract in romance

What you are like in romance

How you compete and play to win in romance

The qualities that ignite a fire within you that you hunt for in others

Your attitude to the concept of Commitment and the general atmosphere you encounter within Marriage

The types of people we may attract in committed relationships – your ‘significant other’

What we are like in committed relationships

Sharing: the token of exchange between yourself and others

Deep emotional contacts

Sharing your private space and time

Your partner’s value system and how you relate and integrate with it

Sharing your body ~ Sex: its place in your life and your sexual style & identity

The Home and Family You create

The home and family we create: The atmosphere of our own home

The environments we may feel most at home in

The style of home we would like to create

Indications of fertility

Propensity for indifference to parenthood

The relationship you have with your children in a general sense

How you see your children & their personality characteristics

How your children see you

What you are like in dealing with your children

The deeper psychology of relating and the ending of close relationships

Unresolved difficult issues that can surface from previous relationships

Your relationship with your partner’s relatives

How your partner’s relatives seem to you

Relationship endings and divorce

Motivation and how you temper your actions

What motivates you to take action?

How you like to take action

How you act on impulse

In what areas of life you are impatient to ‘get on with it’

In what areas of life you may act in innocence

Crime: how it may affect you

Crime: what you might do

Crime: how you may gain from it

Mobility: How you like to move around

How you drive/will drive that for which you hunt in life

Your competitive style

In what areas you like to lead and be first

In what areas of life you like to act with great energy

Frankness and directness – how you like to get straight to the point

Issues of Honour and Courage

How you like to express yourself without inhibitions

Depression, Anger and Your Relationship with Aggression and the Darker Sides of Human Nature

What causes you to be depressed if you fail to express yourself freely?


What you might supress: – ‘bottle-up’ and ‘put a lid on’.

Frustration – it’s causes and how you would be best to deal with it

Anger: its causes and how you can deal with it productively

How you might express anger and rage destructively

External escapism through alcohol, drugs and other addiction sources

How you might experience the state of inertia: lethargy and loss of energy

Control: how you attempt to maintain it and what happens when you lose it

Recklessness tendencies

Accidents: how they happen and in what ways

Issues surrounding Betrayal

Potentials for Jealousy and how you deal with it in others

Where you may exhibit, or experience a capacity for Ruthlessness

The imposition of one’s Will

Invasion: circumstances where boundaries or territory: mentally, emotionally, physically, sexually or spiritually are disregarded

Your capacity for Hatred and an absence of Loving Light

Violence: your attitude towards violence and how you may experience it

War: your attitude towards war and how you may experience it

Murder & what you might like to ‘kill off’ in life

Potentials for self-harm

Potentials for suicide: the act of un-becoming


Your life between twenty one and twenty nine years of age

Life between 21 and 29

How you may expand the horizons of what you know

Your beliefs and how you perceive the Truth

Your concept of ‘what life is all about’ – Your personal philosophy

Your beliefs and relationship with ‘The Truth’

Principles involved may hold the keys to Truth of the inner self

Initiation of a new belief system or philosophy

Beliefs shaped by the early home environment

Your relationship with deity: God/Gods/Goddesses and Beings of a High Power

Your relationship with Religions



Your Astral Life: Psychic and Clairvoyant potentials

Astral journeys

Your relationship with Spirit Guides and Angels

What you contact and experience through meditation

Through what mediums you find healing

How you may heal others

Through what mediums you contact Clairvoyance

Your propensity for Telepathy

Mesmerism and what takes you into Altered States of Consciousness

Your propensity for Hypnosis

How you may hypnotise others

The mediums through which you receive and send subliminal messages

How you meet symbolic languages

Where you look for, and apply meaning and significance

Your relationship to the beliefs and cultures of other people: broadening your horizons through education, publishing and travel

How you relate to the belief systems and religions of other people

How you relate to cultures other than your own

Your approach to long distant travel

What you encounter on holidays and long journeys

How you expand your horizons through continued adult learning

The kinds of courses you may undertake through adult life

Your relationship with teachers, professors and preachers

Your own teaching style

What you may teach or promote

The kinds of information you may distribute on a larger scale

How you might fare in the world of publishing

Your Vision of the Future

Your vision of the future

Your sense of optimism and what you get optimistic about

What you look forward to

Areas of life in which you feel safe and protected

Where safety may lead to extravagance

The kinds of things that may distract you

Your flirtatious nature and the kinds of things you may flirt with

Where you find hope

Your life between twenty nine and forty years of age

Life between 30 and 42

What you had expected to achieve by the age of 30

What you may have grown to achieve by the age of 40

Your relationship with Time, Tradition, History and Karma

Your relationship with time (especially during your thirties)

Your relationship with history

What you draw from history

Your relationship with tradition

Traditions you may adhere to and respect

What you may have initiated in the past that will influence the present conditions of your life

Your Karma & how it operates for you in this life

The seeds you can sow now that will develop in your future

Your relationship to living in this physical realm from your thirties onwards

Your perception of reality: that which is concrete and utterly true

Your propensity for Wisdom, Respect and Responsibility

In what ways you may display common sense

In what ways you may display wisdom

Your sensitivity to other people’s opinions

What you respect in others

In what ways, and through what endeavours, you receive respect from others

How you deal with holding a position of Responsibility

What you may find yourself being responsible for

How you meet obligations and duty

Guilt, Pessimism and Expectations of Failure

What (or rather, the absence of what) brings feelings of guilt

What makes life seem heavy?

Your relationship with pessimism

Where we might be inclined to pessimism

Your propensity for the expectation of failure

Unconscious saboteurs

The hard lessons you may learn through failure

The Journey from Adversity to Strength and Success

The journey from adversity to strength

Your sense of self-discipline

In what areas of life you find discipline comes easy (or easier) some strategies for developing greater self-discipline

In what areas of life you can exhibit great persistence and perseverance

Your relationship to the idea of planning

The goals you may set for yourself

Ambition and the success you instinctively know you can achieve

How you may go about achieving goals

Strategies for success

Your Will Power to achieve goals and ambitions

What you can build in this life

Your ability to manifest thoughts into tangible material form

For what you may be rewarded in life

Career Potentials

The types of career open to you

What you are like at work

How you wish to be seen working

Your relationship with colleagues

How you deal with authority

What you are like in positions of authority

Leadership potentials

Potential to become a leader in this field of knowledge

If you go into business then what type of business would suit you most readily?

Unique resources you may use in business

How you may fare in business

Money and finances

Your relationship with money in general

How you may acquire personal wealth

What you may spend your personal money on

How you manage circumstances of shared wealth in marriage or partnership

How you manage circumstances of shared wealth and resources in business

Inheritances, taxation and credit

Status: what brings it and what it brings?

How you handle success and reward

How you handle being judged

How you may judge others

Your Relationship with Society

Your relationship with society

What you draw from society

Awareness of Society born from Past Life Experiences

Your relationship with government and politics

How you may influence society

What you may contribute to society

Your public image

What you may contribute to your time in history

What you may accomplish – that for which you may be remembered


Your life between forty and fifty eight years of age

Life between 40 and 58

Qualities and experiences that come to the fore in the second half of life

The awakening of the ‘Self’

The awakening of the ‘Self’

How we find freedom

What makes us feel trapped?

Where we need to be free to be ourselves

What we would do if we had total free choice

Our unique identity


How we may express our individuality

What makes us different to others – how we may stand apart

Inventiveness & what you may invent

Experimentation & what we might experiment with

How we can feel trapped by our own creations

Your relationship with technology

Your relationship with ‘science’ and ‘scientism’

Your propensity for genius … eccentricity & madness

The Paradoxes you may find yourself caught in

Convention .v. Rebellion

The unconscious ways we may initiate change that appear to be imposed upon us from outside

Your Relationship with Change

Our psychological relationship to change

How we deal with bereavement and the death of loved ones

How we relinquish the outmoded ‘dead wood’ from our lives

The urge to move beyond existing circumstances and models, to become greater than we already are

Humanitarianism and Group Consciousness

Personal and social reform

Our relationship with alternative lifestyles and the ‘New Age’ movement

Ways in which we shock and promote changes on personal and collective levels

Our sensitivity to collective changes and social trends – the ones we notice, or are influenced by

Ideologies we may be drawn to

Our collective identity

Groups we may align ourselves with

Our role in a group

What we might project onto a group

Our relationship to the human family


Qualities which serve us best if we use them on behalf of others

How we fare, and what we meet in hospitals, prisons, libraries and institutions

Our relationship to service and in what ways we may serve others and society

In what ways we become a channel for healing and change in the collective

How we cope with being human and yet enlightened

How we handle the changes we see in our lifetime

Our changing perceptions of time from a mid-life perspective

Our relationship with ancient history and the far distant future

Science fiction and our relationship with the idea of ‘life from other worlds’

Your relationship with Astrology and Astronomy

Space and astronomy


Your life beyond fifty eight years of age

Life from 60 years onwards

Conditions surrounding the end of life

Influences from past lives

Indications of past life experiences that serve, or defeat us, in this incarnation

Innate talent of the Soul developed in Past Lives

Enlightened ideology born from understandings established in prior lives

Past Life Mastery of knowing one’s limits

What we feel will redeem us and may give us immortality

What you may achieve in this life

Capacity for highest, maximum, manifestation of potentials, or, total lack of awareness

Where we find our potentials for unbounded joy

How you may end this life

The manner of your leaving this life