Personal Astrological Forecast

Personal Astrological Forecast

From your astrological chart a forecast can be drawn that is personal to you. Akin to a weather forecast, it will foretell of times that are stressful and times of ease: times to act and times to step back and take things easily.

In modern astrology we take the view that it is possible to adjust to the circumstances that are occurring and diminish anxiety, reduce crisis and resolve pain. Your forecast will be told from the perspective of empowering you with the information you need to forge a renewed pathway of strength and wisdom. In my view, it is the astrologer’s task to provide you with the knowledge you need to deal with life.

Like a weather forecaster, we cannot stop the rain, but we can tell you when the rain will come, what its purpose is and what you can do to minimise the discomfort and even make practical use of it.

The reading:

Typically, a one-year forecast will take approximately two hours. Long-range forecasts are harder to time in advance, though an afternoon or morning is usually sufficient. Consultations are not strictly timed as the aim is to provide you with the best opportunity for healing and self development. Consultations may be conducted in person or online, using skype and a web cam (virtually as good as a consultation in the same room. All consultations are digitally recorded and presented to you on a set of personalised CDs …

For a little more information about personal astrological forecasting, please watch the  2 short video clips and/or scroll down to read the information below …


Your personal astrological forecast consultation fees:

Forecast for 1 year: £175.00    

Forecast for 5 years, (please state commencing date): £795.00

Forecast for 10 years,  (please state commencing date): £1495.00

Your forecast can be conducted in person at my home in Wiltshire, or conducted on Skype. All consultations are audio recorded.



Many people ask the question, ‘How can this be done ?’ and it takes more than a little explanation. This is how I once explained it to a young man whose parents were both facing the end of life through illness:

From the day you are born, 28 days later the Moon ‘returns’ to the same position it occupied in the sky as it did at your birth moment – the moon takes 28 days to revolve around the earth.

From the day you are born the Sun takes 365 days (normally called 1 Year – and we mean 1 Solar year). This is sometimes called the Solar return as the Sun now sits, for a brief moment, in the same portion of the ecliptic as it did when you took for first breath of life. This is the origin of the phrase, ‘Many Happy Returns’.

Each planet in the Solar System has it’s own particular orbit time, as you know, with the moon being shortest at 28 days, and Pluto being the longest at 248 years.

Think of it now as a complex cosmic clock with cycles within cycles within cycles … all revolving at their own consistent speeds. With modern computers, these orbits and cycles can be predicted thousands of years in advance.

Astrologically, each of these planet cycles has a different ‘meaning’ attributed to it. Each planet and cycle signifies a particular and unique tone of expereince and may be considered in a variety of contexts; human experience, weather patterns, national ‘karma’ … life in general.

for example:

The Sun shines and gives power – so the Solar Return, normally called one’s birthday, is a renewal of power and confidence.

Jupiter represents, among many things (in astrology, all planets have multiple meanings) hope and optimism – so the Jupiter Return is the reinvigoration of our ‘hope batteries’.

Difficulties in life are represented as well:

Saturn represents, among other things: karma, struggle and heaviness.

Neptune can be seen to represent the confusion that comes before a new awakening, idealism, disappointment or just ‘drifting’ without a clear goal in mind.

Pluto represents the kinds of crisis that asks us to dig deep into ourselves to find strength we didn’t know we have and to bring new qualities to the fore. It does this through invoking fears and endings – such as changes imposed (seemingly) from ‘outside’, and through encounters with death and other irrefutable endings like redundancy or divorce or the loss of virginity or the last day of school.

Now, we know, or at least I’m taking a wild guess here, you are not 248 years old. So how come any of these effects can be experienced before the planet returns ?

Well, and this is where it can get a little complicated so I’ll be as clear as I can:

As each planet makes its revolution, from the position it occupied on the ecliptic at the moment of your birth, at its own individual speed (Moon fastest, Mars pretty quick, Saturn slow, Pluto slowest) not only is there a charge of ‘energy’ at the moment of the planet’s return to it’s original ‘starting’ position (at your birth) – there are also significant points of ‘charge’ at certain stations in its orbit, or revolution, or cycle.

Now, whether the planet itself causes the charge to exist, or whether the planet’s movement coincides with a charge that is latent within the body’s own bio-clock is a point worth debating. I am not suggesting that the planets cause things to happen or change, only that when the planets attain certain relative positions it is possible to observe, and predict, specific events and changes. In this sense planets are ‘signs’ rather than ’causes’.

When a planet makes a 60 degree angle to a planet, as it was positioned in your chart at the time of your birth there will be a harmonious interchange between the principles represented by the moving (or Transiting) planet and the planet positioned at that point in your Birth Chart (map of the Solar system from the perspective of a specific time and place on Earth).

So, the 60 degree angle, called a Sextile, will be experienced as a ‘good time, or a peaceful time. If a persons Natal (birth position) Moon (representing feelings in this example) was contacted by, say Jupiter (hope) passing by at 60 degrees an Astrologer would say to a person,

‘At this (very specifically identified) time you will feel (Moon) much more hopeful (Jupiter) than you ordinarily would …’

This would then be discussed in relation to that person’s current experiences and direction in life. Hopeful feelings can be a bonus if you are job hunting and a very real problem if you’re struggling to overcome a gambling addiction.

A 90 degree angle, called a Square is often experienced as powerfully challenging.

Jupiter Square the Natal Moon would coincide with domestic or emotional difficulties (in the above example).

Squares from the planet Saturn coincide with parts of one’s life becoming heavy and hard to manage and being beset with problems and struggles and difficulties with authority and obligations.

Squares from Uranus bring sudden unwelcome changes that are later viewed as being somehow liberating.

Neptune squares bring confusion and a sense of boundaries and structures seemingly melting into chaos – from which we later derive a sense cleansing a renewal (often much later).

Pluto squares bring changes like the roof crashing down on our heads. Pluto Transits seem to ‘crunch’ the planet they are aspecting (the area of life they are affecting) in often painful a ‘wrenching’ ways. There is a purpose: the purpose is to bring qualities like inner strength to the fore and to awaken a deeper wisdom and greater self knowledge (with reference to the particular planet/life area it is aspecting by Transit).

Because of the different speeds the planets take to revolve they can make, and break, these angles at different speeds:

As the Moon whizzes by its transiting angles are maintained for about an hour or two.

As Saturn makes its stately progress around the Sun (and around our geocentric subjective experience) it can ‘hold’ a transiting angle from between one month to a year.

Transits from Neptune can last between one and two years while transits from Pluto can ‘hover’ in the air for two to three years – that’s three years of ongoing relentless daily crisis. Most people find this extremely difficult and very confusing – especially if they have no understanding of what is happening.

So, often people ‘project’ the cause of the crisis ‘outside’ of themselves and say, ‘It’s them out there; it’s that person, group or nation that’s causing my crisis. If I get rid of them then my crisis will go away’.

With Astrology we are given a very unique perspective. Not only can we determine, very specifically, when these times of breakdown and renewal will begin AND END, we can also have a great deal of insight into the purpose of the crisis from the perspective of the unfolding evolution of the core inner self – or Soul.

We can specifically identify and discuss with a person the strategies they can adopt and the perspectives they can take that will enable them to bring out the more positive sides of the Transit (rather than just sit inside the quagmire of uncomfortable change) and outline what they can learn from this and how they can grow inside this situation – even if it seems to be utterly terrible when viewed from a non-Astrological lens.

Note: All consultations are digitally recorded and presented on a personalised CD.

Consultations can either be distance recorded and then posted to you …

or …

Your consultation can be recorded in person with you, which has the added advantage of discussion and you are free to ask as many questions as you wish

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