Relationship Astrology for Couples

Relationship Astrology for Couples takes a closer look at the alchemy of relationships:

To gain an accurate insight into the complexity of a relationship, one must take the responsibility to look deeply with reverence and wisdom.

Such a depth of accuracy cannot be attained swiftly and requires Three 1-2 Hour consultations. All 3 consultations are conducted in video call which are recorded and the videos emailed to you.

Step One – Each person in the couple is described individually, to foster both a deeper self-knowledge and understanding of one another, in the 4 key areas of relating: Unconscious emotional needs, Romance, Commitment and the psychological issues which arise from intimacy. This takes around 2 hours for each person and comprises consultations 1 & 2.

Step Two – Then, the two charts are combined together to see how the various facets of each person’s psyche interrelates with each other. This third consultation can be most illuminating, revealing not just the areas where the relationship is easy but also any challenges, difficulties and possible strategies for managing or resolving them.

The fee for this joint consultation is £ 525.00,

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For further information on Relationship astrology, you may view the two short video clips and accompanying document, presented by David Charles Rowan below. In addition, an example of the relationship astrology between Princess Diana and Prince Charles is presented in an easy to follow, step-by-step guide …

Symbols of Love: a video by David Charles Rowan outlining the different forms of love, symbolised in astrology. To view the video, please click here

Symbols of Love: a document to accompany the video, presenting the astrological birth charts of the famous people featured in the examples. To open, please click here

Relationship Astrology for couples: Synastry: David Charles Rowan introduces one of the astrological techniques for exploring the dynamics of human relations. To view the video, please click here

A very brief example of relationship astrology in practice: Princess Diana and Prince Charles:

Prince Charles

Princess Diana

The Astrological chart of Prince Charles reveals some interesting contradictions. His Sun is not only in the passionate and emotional sign of Scorpio, it is also placed in the Th House; the area of life associated with one’s home, family, history and childhood. Venus in Libra in the 4th indicates a man who has an eye for beauty whilst being uncertain about his own sense of attraction. However, Mars and Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 5th reveal a fiery and flirtatious nature, full of vitality and active expression.

Yes, we are still taking about the same man. Human beings are complex creatures, full of paradoxes, and Prince Charles is no exception. This is even more apparent when we begin to look at his relationship with commitment. Aquarius signifies a tendency to find one’s own way, to be different, to rebel even. What more different an approach can one take to the notion of commitment than of needing to relate to people in a manner that is not ordinary, conventional or even easy to define ?  Freedom is very important wherever Aquarius appears in a chart and in the arena of close union and relationships an innate drive for freedom can conflict with the conventional notion of ordinary civic marriage.

There is not room to discuss these issues in complete depth here, so please remember this is only a very brief example of relationship astrology and it is intended to offer nothing more than an outline of the technique and a glimmer of astrological practice.

Still, the themes become even clearer when we look at Diana’s …

Diana’s Sun is in Cancer, the sign that denotes a personality that is sensitive, caring and influenced by events within the home, family, history and childhood. To some extent, she shares certain qualities with Charles, which shouldn’t really come as a surprised because they were married. Who she married had a very big impact on her. Diana has her Sun in the 7th house, the area of the chart concerned with relationships and marriage. Her Sun here signifies a person who’s identity is shaped and coloured by the condition of the marriage, and she may have even defined her identity by whom she became married to.

Her contradictions appear in the forms of having moon in Aquarius, signifying an emotional need for space, freedom and independence, and Venus in Taurus, signifying a need for loyalty, steadfastness and for things to never change. Mars and Pluto in Virgo in the 8th house denote a predisposition to be very sensitive to criticism, especially self-criticism.

and, there’s more …

The placement of Prince Charles’ Planets within the Houses of Princess Diana’s birth Chart

The placement of Princess Diana’s Planets within the Houses of Prince Charles’ birth Chart

The art and practice of cross relating the birth charts of two people is called Synastry. The space available, let alone how much time you may have to continue reading here, requires that I illustrate this as expediently as possible. So, welcome to Speed Synastry …

In a nutshell, then:

The Sun: for me, the Sun in Synastry represents a light, a beacon, a bringer of warmth and illumination. It literally lights up the house in which it is seated if the two charts of the individuals involved were printed on clear sheets and laid on top of one another.

Charles’ Sun is placed in Diana’s 11th House of friendships, indicating they will be good friends.

Diana’s Sun is placed in Charles’ 12th House of the collective unconscious, signifying a somewhat intangible relationship; hard to pin down or define and yet emotionally ‘under the skin’, as it were.

The Moon: in the Rowan model of astrological Synastry, represents an innate understanding, a sense of being in-tune. Sometimes it indicates where vulnerability may be found or a deep and nurturing love …

Charles’ Moon is placed in Diana’s 4th House: signifying that Diana bought a warmth into his inner being as well as into his home.

Diana’s Moon is placed in Charles’ 8th House: indicates that, within this relationship, her feelings were bottled up or repressed for some reason. There is an indication she may not have felt safe enough to freely express herself, and these inhibitions may have been imposed by herself or from others – to attempt to guess at the causes behind such things, without being able to discuss it directly with the individual concerned, would not only be presumptuous and potentially misleading but we might also be in danger of making a great error. There are so many reasons why a person might experience this phenomenon that to speculate would be pointless.

Mercury represents the pathways of communication and conversation, and also of nervous energy and restlessness. Mercury, the mind, can reach across and unite us with others, or, it can severe our emotional bonds with analysis and logic …

Charles’ Mercury is placed in Diana’s 10th House: indicating that she may look up to his word or hear his voice as a sound of authority. His style of communicating may have seemed serious or traditional to her.

Diana’s Mercury is placed in Charles’ 11th House: signifying he would find her voice to be friendly. Her style of communicating may have seemed frivolous or trendy to him.

Venus, as you are probably already aware, represents our capacity for social charm, enchantment, desire for fairness and justice and what we value, whether that is love or simply lustful desire.

Charles’ Venus is placed in Diana’s 9th House: signifying he could introduce her to a love of other cultures, philosophies or travel. Alternatively, it may have seemed to her that his loyalty could travel.

Diana’s Venus is placed in Charles’ 11th House: indicating she could introduce him to a love of contemporary trends and new waves of thought in society. Alternatively, it may have seemed to him that her loyalty was favoured toward her friends.

Mars kindles the flame of motivation and brings stimulation; action, frustration, conflict, rage, aggression or depression into the frame.

Charles’ Mars is placed in Diana’s 1st House: indicating she may have perceived him as the embodiment of Mars. To her he may have been a motivator, encouraging her to take action with things that mattered to her and as a hunter he always went after what he wanted. Alternatively, he may have seemed impatient, angry or short tempered.

Diana’s Mars is placed in Charles’ 2nd House: signifying he could have seen her as a hunter in the area of resources and acquisition. It may have seemed to him that she was impatient to get what she wanted once her mind was made up. He may, potentially, have seen her as someone who would take her temper out on things that were of value to her.

Jupiter represents our desire to expand our horizons and discover realms beyond that which we find ourselves in. So, we physically travel in space to find new places and in consciousness we travel ahead in time to have a renewed sense of freshness in our experiences (meaning, we have a sense of future – which is optimism). Jupiter/Zeus was prayed to for protection, so there is an expectation of hope where we find Jupiter which may be the very thing that produces the enthusiasm needed for things to flow well. – some people call this luck …

Charles’ Jupiter is placed in Diana’s 1st House: signifying that he represents hope for her, that the journey he offers in life is one of travel, safety and expanded horizons. She may have felt it was safe to debate with him.

Diana’s Jupiter is placed in Charles’ 6th House: indicating that she brings a sense that it’s ok to pay attention to life’s routines or to contribute to one’s health in an active way. He may have felt it was safe to criticise her.

Saturn signifies areas we find difficult and challenging on the one hand, and yet the most successful and rewarding on the other. The placement of Saturn can indicate where we are most likely to display our need to fulfill obligations, experience guilt and a sense of duty,  and develop a healthy practical caution, common sense and innate wisdom.

Charles’ Saturn is placed in Diana’s 8th House: indicating she may have seen him as person who was reserved or inhibited in the intimate areas of life; as if sharing his heart was something distant or difficult to do. It may have seemed to her that he was close because he was supposed to be and that bigger issues, such as his legacy or inheritance, were of greater importance to him.

Diana’s Saturn is placed in Charles’ 6th House: signifying he may have seen her as a person who constructed her own health problems and had a great deal of difficulty resolving them. To him, it may have seemed that criticism weighed heavily with her and she took such matters far too seriously to heart.

Uranus can reveal where we need emotional and psychological space and in what contexts we best find friendship with our partner:

Charles’ Uranus is placed in Diana’s 7th House: signifying she saw him as a person who wanted to experience and express a deep seated need for freedom, which would imply that she saw him as a restless person who was unsuited to the confines of conventional civic marriage.

Diana’s Uranus is placed in Charles’ 2nd House: indicating he saw her as a person who wanted to experience and express her need to choose her own values in life and to not support ideas or causes that she didn’t personally agree with. He might have seen her as someone who was unsuited to the confines of very long term planning.

Neptune indicates in what areas we may have empathy with a partner, or even a spiritual or psychic connection. It may also reveal where confusion and muddlements may be found …

Charles’ Neptune is placed in Diana’s 9th House: indicating that, to her, he may have seemed the harbinger of a wealth of spiritual experiences. This indicates she would have felt there was an empathy between them in their outlook and sense of what life is about.

Diana’s Neptune is placed in Charles’ 4th House: signifying that, to him, she may have had a haunting quality, as if she bought something numinous into the home or family. He may have felt there was an empathy between their families or heritage.

Pluto represents that which transforms and brings about change through the mediums of upheaval, power, crisis, change, death and deep psychological exploration …

Charles’ Pluto is placed in Diana’s 8th House: signifying there was just something about his character, the spirit of him, that allowed her to access and experience unresolved issues stored within her unconscious. This would have either resulted in her taking a journey of deep self discovery and inner transformation, or, feeling as if  life was very difficult to deal with. Charles would have seemed to be the harbinger of change into Diana’s life.

Diana’s Pluto is placed in Charles’ 2nd House: indicating there was just something about her character, the spirit of her, that allowed him to perceive any illusions he may have had regarding what is really important in life. This would have either resulted in him exploring and refining his deeply held values, or, feeling as if everything he holds dear was being challenged, he may have felt adjusting rather difficult. Diana would have seemed to be the harbinger of new values into Charles’ life.

and …

there’s more:

The relationships between the natal planets of Prince Charles and Princess Diana

Another tool in the astrologer’s Synastry box, is the direct relationship between each persons planets.

The angle that each planet makes with another carries more information for the astrologer about the inner dynamics of a relationship. To write this out as a full report would take an incredible amount of space and a very long time for you to read. So, as before, I’ll just write a little bit so you have an idea of how it’s done.

Charles’ Sun is Square Diana’s Moon, which indicates there may have been problems in fulfilling each other’s expectations.

Charles’ Sun is Opposing Diana’s Venus, which indicates that the attraction they felt, and the warmth and value for each other may have waxed and waned like a see-saw. It would be incorrect to say it wasn’t there, and incorrect to say love and warmth were constant.

Charles’ Sun is Square Diana’s Uranus, indicating a sense of distance and a need for space and freedom.

Diana’s Sun is Trine Charles’ Mercury, indicating they enjoyed talking and learning from one another.

Diana’s Venus is Tri-Septile Charles’ Mars, which indicates an imaginative and romantic relationship.

and …

When every significant angular relationship between the planets has been explored, along with a deeper look at the placements of each other’s planets in each other’s houses, along with a review of each other as individuals, then a deeper understanding of each other and the dynamics of the relationship are held by both partners.

To gain such an insight into one another, as well as the chemistry that naturally falls between us, affords the opportunity to acknowledge the areas we consider to work well and take a fresh look at any challenging issues with a view to finding new ways to manage or resolve them. Sometimes, a change in view point is all that’s needed to gain a new perspective.

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