Introduction Course

Highly recommend you do a course with David
October 28, 2015

'I have just completed David’s introduction to astrology course and have to say that it was profoundly different to any other course I have completed. The unique online classroom environment meant it was very flexible, as you could opt each week to either watch live and interact with other people on the same course in a chat room, or catch up on the course any time to suit at a later date. This is great if life happens to get in the way and it means you don’t need to miss any part of the course, even if you have other commitments.

David is a unique teacher, he is very experienced and passionate about the subject and this shows in the style of his teaching. He goes into lots of detail, but in a way that is easy to understand, and I found this background and depth was helpful in setting the scene of the class topic each week. The course is well structured and incorporates a variety of different fields which are related to astrology including its history and also encompasses useful elements of his extensive knowledge of a number of other topics including psychology.

Later in the course David goes through each person's chart individually, giving unique snippets of information about what different elements of your own chart show, including aspects of your life such as your interests, relationships, friendships, work and hobbies. Everyone on my course found these insights to be accurate and helpful and it showed how, just by touching the sides of such a huge subject, you can start to learn more about the way you experience life as well highlighting potentials you hadn’t considered. If you have had some experience of astrology or never considered the subject before I would highly recommend you do a course with David and I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did.

You will get out of this course what you put into it
October 24, 2015

Due to work/life commitments, I loved the format of this online course – having the ability to have real interaction with the tutor and others on the course whilst sat in comfort at home!

- Far nicer than basically signing in and reading lectures…

- Far nicer than travelling some distance to attend a ‘classroom’…

The other big plus for me was the fact that all the classes were recorded and links sent to us shortly afterwards. This capability to be able to re-watch classes - to review and go over what was taught - I am finding invaluable. It also meant that no class was missed (illness, other commitments etc) as I could catch up when it was a good time for me to do so. I can also watch the lessons as many times as I like – there is no time limit on the content which is brilliant!

There was a special closed facebook group set up for the class too which meant that you could connect with and contact classmates whenever we wished. I never felt that I was studying alone and I felt that I really got to know my fellow classmates.

Being able to type to the tutor and others (interacting in class) was brilliant. I felt that because of this format, everyone participates – even those people who might usually be quiet in a normal class. The visual aids and drawings (which were done in real-time) helped explain things clearly.

The course has given me a broad overview of astrology – with information that I can take away and research further in my own time. I’ve learnt about things you’d expect on such a course – Planets, Signs, Houses and what the Aspects mean. I’ve also learnt many other things – some ancient mythological stories and what the astrological symbols convey – lunar cycles – even down to how to decide upon the best time to get your hair cut (for when you are growing your hair – and for when you are trying to keep it short!). I won’t spoil the other surprises and topics that you will learn about…


All the organisation and topic content was done in such a way that one class neatly led on to the next, building layers upon layers of information and in a way that you understood things, rather than having to remember facts. Every lesson was really well prepared.

After learning in this way, I'm convinced there is no better way of learning online. It's never boring, as there are always funny moments during the lesson!

David is an excellent teacher, enthusiastic and passionate about teaching, dedicated, with a lots of various material in line with Skype and web facilities.

I really felt that I was a valuable student to the teacher – he was very approachable and available on facebook and email and phone should we need it. The support level was there in case any issues came up from the discussions in class.

For me, someone that likes to be “taught” - not having to self-teach and be that organized - these classes were excellent. There is a reading list / book list – but you got so much from the course without needing a textbook or extra reading. The extra reading enhanced what you were taught by David.


To sum up...

You will get out of this course what you put into it – basic understanding by listening to the lessons – more understanding by active participation within the classes – deeper understanding with all the extra reading and books recommended. The course is really at your own pace.

I loved my online classes and would do them again in an instant – and I can – with the recorded lessons 🙂   You definitely get your money's worth!’


Blown Away
October 24, 2015

I have just completed The Dynamics of Astrology course and I have to say I was blown away. Not only with the in depth look in such a short time but the realization that we had barely touched the lid of this particular Pandora's Box and frankly I am now curious enough to blow the lid off it thanks to David. His teaching method is clear, concise and interesting, although he can't see us we can only see him it gives a feeling of a one to one teaching session although there are others in the chat box.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is even a teeny bit interested or thinks they might be because by the end of it you may just find like me that you learn a little bit more about you as well.

David’s online course was perfect
October 24, 2015

I have just recently finished David Rowan's Beginners course in the Dynamics of Astrology. I am not a beginner to the subject, but wanted to do a course that helped me gather all the information I had read over the years and make more sense of it.

David's online course was perfect, and I was not disappointed!

The online virtual classroom works really well, and David's use of images and whiteboard really helped to explain some of the topics that were difficult to grasp. The lessons were hugely informative but presented in a relaxed, friendly and humerous way. I really enjoyed the ways David used stories and gave plenty of examples of situations he has come across in his years as an astrologer.

Our class was first thing on a Monday morning, and it became the best way to start the week. We covered all the basics of astrology. The signs and their mythology, the symbols (and WHAT the symbols mean), the houses and how each house effects a planet within it. David's used our own charts as an way to describe certain placements and I think we all enjoyed having a little more insight into our own natal charts.
David is accessible and approachable and is always happy to answer questions between classes. The downloadable course material is invaluable, and gives you something to read along with and after the course is over. Along with the course material and the online learning classes, David provides a private group on Facebook for the members of the course, so that discussion can be taken further, and he also shares lots of amazing links and videos that all help to enrich the course further.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking for an online, beginners astrology course, that is taught by someone with real knowledge and passion for the subject. Thank you David and much love and good luck for the future.

Had questions about life that no one could answer for you?
October 24, 2015

My dear friend/Teacher David has a new Astrology Introduction online course starting soon ! GET IN QUICK as the spaces are limited & will fill quickly!

Ever wondered why!

I was always asking WHY as a child & I still am to this day, rarely my questions have been answered, let alone responded to with honesty, truth, or acceptance of the reality of a situation.

Had questions about life that no one could answer for you?

Until I came across Astrology i just had way too many questions left unanswered for my liking, here I found many answers but could not always decipher the meaning of what it was I was looking at, or that middle step to uncover what i was even looking for.

Then when I came across David Rowan & his Astrology teachings i started a journey- one that will remain with me till the end of my time (beyond this life)! A journey of self-discovery, of discovering the dynamics of my life's order, of discovering the dynamics of others, and how to connect with my world in a more positive way.

From this course plus the Pro course I now currently participate in I have also learned this- If the potential is there, then the possibility is there, if the possibility is there, then hope is there, when hope is there, change is possible, life is possible (as in living not just alive) love is possible, as well as Compassion, Empathy & Understanding, therefore, drive & passion for great things are achievable- the fear slowly resides while I reclaim my life, and all the possibilities & potentials within it!’

In my eyes, he’s brilliant
October 24, 2015

Someone told me once that astro-logy literally means ‘the knowledge of everything’. Don’t know if that’s correct, but if you join David’s classes, that’s exactly what is offered ! His teachings aren’t limited to things astrology, as you get lots of information about a broad range of topics, such as history, philosophy, religion, literature, geography, politics, mysticism, psychology, neurology, and so on, and all of that relevantly woven in the tapestry of astrology !

Up until before I’ve met Dave, I’ve followed astrology courses, but none of them are even slightly comparable to his style ! Dave is the first person I know who doesn’t teach in a textbook manner. His classes are well organized and structured, but presented in such a way that you get the feeling Dave is tapping from a universal yet very personal source of wisdom.

In my eyes, he’s brilliant !! Due to his deep, investigating mind, he has studied astrology for a very long time, resulting in unique, in-depth astrology classes that are the greatest gift to receive for anyone interested in the subject ! The ‘Introduction to Astrology’-classes material goes way beyond the level of introduction as far as I’m concerned and I’ve already had some background in astrology, so I can only guess how it would be for a total novice : a whole new world is opening in front of your eyes !!!

And not only is taking Dave’s Introduction Course in Astrology a unique experience because of the depth and broadness of the material ; it is also Dave’s personality and style of interaction that makes it that awesome and special ! Dave can talk for hours, he is never out of words, so you get lots of ‘goods’ for your money !! That’s one thing, but not everyone who can talk incessantly can captivate your attention in an enduring way. Well, Dave can ! He fascinates you with his knowledge and points of view on things, presenting his wisdom in an enthusiastic manner, covered with humour and enriched by stories taken out of his personal experience in astrology.

Furthermore, he’s one of the most caring, gentle and compassionate people I’ve ever met in my life. In a half year time, he has become one of my dearest friends, as he is always prepared to make time and listen. The atmosphere that is created in the online classes is also wonderful : a platform that is ruled by warmth, acceptance, respect, friendly kindness and democracy between all like-minded people. A place that is safe to come home to each week

I can’t wait to continue my journey of – hopefully never-ending - exploration into the depths of Astrology with Dave and my fellow student-friends !!!"


Thank you for sharing your truth
October 24, 2015

David, I just love the way you put the whole class together online. I feel spoiled. You provide great information to download, terrific displays and explanations on the white board, I like the presentation both by you and through the online application and the music is a fancy and personal touch. Also, I think you are a wonderful storyteller, not many people are.

Thank you for sharing your truth and for offering your wisdom in our recent class. I must say I have a deeper appreciation for you as teacher, and I consider taking this class with you to be an absolute privilege. Your creative inspiration has opened up a safe space for me to feel more comfortable in learning from you... and communicate with you."

Sending you my Best,

Fabulous Learning Environment
October 24, 2015

‘For anyone who is serious about learning astrology, David Rowan's Introduction to the Dynamics of Astrology comes highly recommended.

He is an expert and inspiring teacher and I have very much enjoyed journeying with him and my lovely classmates through the signs, planets and houses.

I can't believe how much I have learnt in a relatively short time scale. His handouts are comprehensive and a useful back-up to the classes.

I was part of the first online class and the technology provided a fabulous virtual learning environment - without me needing to leave the comfort of my own home.

I have loved it so much that I have booked a whole life astrobiographical reading with David... I can't wait.’

Great Experience
October 24, 2015

Studying Astrology Online with Dave has been a great experience.

Firstly the practicalities of online study really suit my lifestyle. I live in a very rural area so the opportunity to join a class without travelling for an hour and without the extra expense of petrol is much appreciated – also I loved the convenience of studying in my own warm lounge – no going out into the cold dark night! And, if for any reason I couldn’t make it to the class live, the recording link means that I didn’t miss anything.

Dave is a very good teacher, he is clear and knowledgeable and entertaining too. I have studied the basics of astrology in the past, but the depth and breadth of the subject which Dave brings to the classes has kept my interest fresh all the way through.

I would say to anyone who is even just a little bit interested in learning astrology that they couldn’t do better than studying with Dave. He is a master of his subject, a great teacher and a thoroughly engaging human being.

Wonderful Experience
October 24, 2015

"Participating in the Dynamics of Astrology Introduction course was a wonderful experience - I never thought when signing up for it in January that it would end up being one of the best and most beneficial courses that I have ever done! Although, at the same time it was always more than just another course for me - it was more like a positive and valuable life experience of getting to know oneself and one's place in the universe. Dave's teaching style was second to none, he exuded enthusiasm, compassion and kindness towards astrology and the underlying hermetic philosophy, as well as towards all the students in the course. The whole experience flowed so nicely and everybody really connected with each other, like-minded souls coming together with a mutual respect for astrology and thirsty to learn more - all learning experiences should be like this. I am looking forward to continuing my journey through the cosmos with David and my fellow students in the Professional course.

highly recommend
October 24, 2015

‘I have been studying astrology for many years and when the time arrived I realised I would benefit greatly from a course !

However choosing a course when you work full time in a very demanding field is no easy feat !

I had browsed for ages many different schools and colleges when i finally came across David Rowan through a mutual friend by sheer luck as some may say, or divine intervention as I call it !

Upon reading David's fascinating resume and watching his videos he so generously shares, I immediately knew that he would be my tutor and mentor and to this day I can honestly say I am forever indebted to him and his lovely guidance , teachings and wonderful personality !

I benefited in many ways , from the way the course was designed to how often it was timed , not to mention how convenient the recording was so I can always go back watch my lesson and revise! Also I never really felt it was an online course! I felt I was actually present, there in David's study , with his wonderful teaching method and warm personality, and all my lovely fellow students!

I realised that the introduction to the dynamics of astrology was truly great value for money, there were so many aspects analysed in such a simple clear and concise way and with great clarity!

However it was David's ability to combine his vast and extensive experience , his personal accounts, his knowledge of modern applied psychology which gave a very unique perspective to the lesson , not to mention how ingeniously the mythology , philosophy, history and nature of the planets , houses and signs were all intertwined!

I was amazed with the quality of the lessons from how the handouts were designed to which books links and sites were shared! Precisely what was needed to the very finest detail!

An amazing feature of the course was our very own analysis of each house of our own personal chart regarding topics we the students chose towards the end of the course , I have never had such an insightful analysis!

I highly recommend the introduction to the dynamics of astrology course , as it is an eye opener and a great tool of self exploration and exploration of the cosmos! Thank you Dave!

October 24, 2015

Simply put, the class was/is amazing.  I'm sorry I was unable to attend regularly at the start of the course, but having the recording links to view, truly helped.

For me, this course was a treasure chest of knowledge that was thoughtfully composed, and taught.  Being new to the STUDY of the subject, the course was extremely helpful with the topics presented in the manner they were.  The early sessions laid out a clear, understandable foundation for the later classes.  I loved the online environment.  It was truly a classroom, even with the great distance and time differences.  We 'attended' the class from our various devices, while sitting in the familiarity of our own homes, and learned as you highlighted each topic with your drawings, videos, pictures, music, etc.

Everything covered in class was really new for me.  I've casually read the newspaper horoscopes, the Chinese zodiacs printed on restaurant menus, and various other articles here and there ... but had never taken a course.  Perhaps as a fellow classmate commented, "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear".  Based on things you interpreted from my chart, this new learning seems to line up with me and research; me and self awareness (lol, funny); me at this point in life.  I've found that I see/think about things/myself a bit differently after having taken the class.  Rather than getting lost in the thoughts and perceptions, I see behaviours too.  I think I mentioned to you earlier that the class has given me 'footing', a place to stand and understand, a new vantage point.

I thoroughly enjoyed how the course was run.  I loved it Live & in Real Time.  And now, after class has ended, I really appreciate the value of having the recorded links.  Often times I might hear something and think I 'get it'.  After a few days of that info rolling around in my head, I 'get it more'.  Having the recordings to hear things again, helps me learn and 'get it' even more.  In terms of the technology and links, for me they worked out very well.  Quite fascinating to think about all the technological 'components' that successfully came together, to bring the class to life on our screens.  Very appreciative of it all.


As for you, the teacher, hmmmmmm....  I enjoyed you and your teaching style very much.  You presented a wealth of information in a manner that was illuminating, understandable, and entertaining.  Your openness in sharing your own experiences and accomplishments connected us to you.  Your humorous descriptions, voices and faces added so much fun to the classes.  Classes were NEVER boring, even with all the details to share.  Yes, I know ... this was only a scratch on the surface 🙂  You are patient, sensitive, and very thoughtful of your students.  Combining that with your knowledge and passion for Astrology, each class was really a special gift.

You guided us through the weeks, the information, and our charts with great care, well done! 😉

If you want to be illuminated by, fascinated with, and educated about Astrology, let David be your guide.

wonderful, informative and entertaining course
October 24, 2015

"Introduction to Astrology: What a wonderful, informative and entertaining course! The title is 'introduction to astrology', but as someone with some prior knowledge of the subject, I still found that I came away at the end of the 15 weeks with a far deeper understanding. Covering such diverse topics as the history, mythology and philosophy behind astrology, links with neuroscience and psychology, and looking at the planets, signs and houses through both the logos and the mythos that underlies their interpretation, the course offered a thorough and holistic grounding in the essentials.


Moreover, David is an entertaining and charismatic teacher and brought the subject to life in a way that simply reading a book on astrology never could. In the latter weeks we looked at our own birth charts, touching on selected topics which we, the students chose, to examine in more depth, and frequently got so absorbed in the analysis that we overran the 2 hours. The time flew by too fast!

As the end of the course approached, I found myself wishing that there was another 18 weeks to go. My previous 'mild' interest has been transformed, I am officially an 'astroholic', and when the question of whether any of us wanted to continue on with the professional course came up...YES, PLEASE!”

You will absolutely love the time you spend with Dave
October 24, 2015

"I have been reading and studying astrology both in books and on the internet for 36 years. I was getting the same info over and over again but it still seemed like something was missing. I took the Dynamics of Astrology course with Dave and the things he taught was what had been missing!


It clearly set the foundation so that you would automatically know what certain things meant, instead of trying to memorize things that seemed so random. Not only did it set the foundation clearly but also filled in the gaps of why certain things were so. I am a big fan of WHY--I always learn and remember things better when I know what is behind it.


Why is Dave's class so outstanding?


It is all in the details. There were so many details that were presented in the classes that by the end have been woven into a strong, seamless whole.


Why would I recommend Dave's course?


My 12-year-old son walked in one day during the class, and listened for a while, and then he said, "I like that guy! I don't know why, I just like him!" He actually said that on two different occasions. He instantly perceived what other people get from listening to Dave: that he is a caring person who is smart as a whip and has the best time sharing his knowledge with others. In every class Dave has used examples from his own life and has bared his soul...not something many teachers would do.


He is so concerned with quality that at times the class would run past schedule so that we could learn everything that we were supposed to that so freely of his time is something that Dave does because he cares so much about the subject and his students.


You will absolutely love the time you spend with Dave...the only thing you will regret is the end of the course!"

Great fun and joy with a deeper understanding
October 24, 2015

I've been having great fun and joy while in David's class. He is a marvellous teacher. I love the depth of info. He delves into so many spiritual, philosophical, practical, and psychological topics. He truly bridges the gap between right-brained and left-brained understanding: logic and creative. His course addresses topics fully, demonstrating through example, story, and analysis. He gives a rich depth of structural understanding, but also provides a complimentary spiritual flavour through mythology and personal anecdote.

This is the first time I've learned that I've felt FULLY engaged and really absorbed in the process. I've felt an expansion of my perception and understanding through this class, in relation to myself and others. The class provided a thorough understanding into philosophy, history, culture, science, and physics. His teaching style feels like the ancient and modern can truly come together and form a rich relationship with the self-understanding.


David's style of teaching is thought-provoking, considerate, and deeply compassionate. The course shows a deep intention to reach out to others and offer guidance, healing, wisdom, and self-empowerment. He emphasizes values of understanding, non-judgment, and open-ended interpretation. A core ethical value is established throughout the course to focus on possibility and the opening of ideas, rather than using astrology as a means to define and judge one's personality.

On a personal level, for the first time, I feel like another human being "gets it". I felt a deep personal connection to the philosophies which David has worked so hard to integrate into his courses. The range and reach of depth is astonishing and has complimented much of my personal research and interests. The course has also opened me up to new ideas and possibilities, breaking down some old thoughts and beliefs.

His deep consideration for human emotion and his capacity for empathy has also allowed these new ideas to be given in a gentle, gradual way. This has helped, over time, change my perception of my reality and to my core has influenced who I am. I am privileged to say that this course is not merely "knowledge", but applicable wisdom at its finest. It is truly the most soul-fulfilling journey of learning I have undertaken yet.

Loved Introduction to the Dynamics of Astrology
October 24, 2015

Introducing The Dynamics of Astrology:
I have long had an interest in astrology but very little knowledge. I have loved the Introduction to the Dynamics of Astrology. The technology which gives us the facility to avail of learning in our own holes is one of the wonders of this time for me!

The Course is thorough, well and logically structured and chunks what can at first seem an overwhelming amount of information into bite sized and comprehensible pieces. The first few weeks covering the history and background of astrology were so interesting and provided a frame which helped in the understanding of the more detailed concepts. We then logically worked through the signs, planets and houses. The last number of weeks have focused on examining individual charts which has brought all the theory to life.

David is a natural teacher - patient, perceptive and with an incredible amount of knowledge. Given how much he puts into it, the quality of handouts etc, it is exceptional value for money. Thank you David for all you do.

Introduction to astrology and birth charts