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The ultimate astrology course

A complete course in the ancient art of human understanding ~ learning online with David Charles Rowan. Please have a look at the video at the bottom of the page to see David in action.

David says…

“I began privately teaching the Dynamics of Astrology in 1991 and now, with 24 years of experience behind me, the technology is available to share what I have learned with the world online.

I always do my best to ensure you have the best learning experience. I do not consider myself to be just a teacher as such, I am a also your guide. You have requested that I illuminate the ancient art of Astrology for you and I am honoured to be at your service.

This is a deep and spiritual truth for me; the layers of meaning embedded within the symbolism of Astrology describe and illuminate every facet of the human condition and to read a chart is akin to emphatically comprehending the inner landscape of the psyche for that soul in this lifetime. When undertaken with competence, curiosity, tolerance, an open-minded celebration of diversity, courtesy, humour and kindness and a desire to heal and help with compassion, it is an art which is deeply profound.

This art is truly ancient, and I am sincere when I say it is an honour to share it with  you”

The Dynamics of Astrology course is a journey of learning whose goal is not only to teach astrology at the level of excellence and foster a profound self-understanding within its students. It also encompasses a diverse range of fields related to astrology, exploring most of the world’s religions and mythologies, schools of psychology and ancient history. The pathways of knowledge and wisdom that consolidate the spectrum of modern thought, from affective neuroscience to complexity theory and psycho-social studies, are interwoven with psychology, ancient and medieval astrology, modern esoteric astrology, forecasting techniques and ideas unique to this course which are yet to be published. In addition to developing a life changing skill in this profound tool for personal insight, you will discover more diverse uses of astrology, such as how to forecast the weather and economic and political trends; when applied with wisdom, competence, a twinkle of humour and compassion Astrology can bring a profound insight into the human condition. The orientation of the Dynamics of Astrology is to teach, guide and support your emerging skills as an astrologer and to also nurture your innate spiritual and psychological development.

In a nutshell, this is a course that will bring you to an understanding of mankind, our nature and place in history. This course explores you: how you think, how you experience life & what you can achieve. your highest and greatest potentials.

‘This is Advanced Self Development’

The Dynamics of Astrology course is presented in two modules:
a) Introducing the Dynamics of Astrology Next course available now

b) The Dynamics of Astrology – Professional Astrology Training Next course coming soon

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Introduction to astrology and birth charts