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Q: what equipment will I need?

The only equipment you need for the course is a computer with either speakers or headphones. A web cam is required for the more advanced Professional Training course which you are eligible to take on completion of the Introduction to the Dynamics of Astrology. You do not need a web cam for the introduction course and you will not be on camera or seen; students on the introduction to the Dynamics of Astrology communicate with one another and me via a chat box – I am the only person on video throughout the Introduction course.

Q: how do I attend each class?

Before each class, you will be sent a link in an email inviting you to attend.

Q: what will the virtual class experience be like?

On the classroom screen, you will see a central video window of me. To guide you through the Introduction to the ancient craft of astrology I will explain each part of this subject clearly and entertainingly too – you will find at times your screen becomes mine when we look at a birth chart in the professional astrology software. At times, I will use an image from esoteric tradition to explain something, or the screen will become a white board when we explore the symbols of the signs and planets. To discover for yourself the classroom experience, please view the demonstration video

Q: what do students say about the course?

For a review of comments, thoughts and experiences of students, please click here

Q: will my own chart and personal life be discussed during the Introduction?

Yes, but only in the final stages of the course; the purpose of the Introduction module is to explore this topic in a general sense. You may find you can relate to certain parts in a personal way; such as when we explore the signs of the Zodiac, or the Houses, but the aim of the Introduction is to keep things informative, general and profoundly illuminating. To see Astrology in action we look at our own charts via the Houses and also a brief overview of our Astrobiography. This can be a very real and profound experience for students, even at this light-level of Introduction into this ancient art.

Q: is there a way I can find out what my own birth chart can tell me?

Yes. If you wish, you can arrange a personal reading with me. If you would like a full life reading, please click here for an overview of Astrobiography: the reading of your life.

Q: is there any writing or homework involved?

No. All you need to do is attend each class and enjoy this fascinating journey exploring Astrology. You will receive a student pack of hand-outs, in PDF format, which will cover the introduction and a little more, including a recommended book list for those new to Astrology and those with some experience.

Q: is the course for those new to Astrology or do I need some experience in the subject?

The course is designed for those both new to astrology and those with some astrology experience. Astrology is very much like a musician interpreting a musical score: we all perceive astrology in a unique way, and over the last twenty years I have found that my Rowan’s eye view illuminates parts of astrology which those with experience have yet to see; meaning, even if you have looked at astrology for a while, there will be something new here for you. The course starts from the very first step of astrology; the meaning of symbols.

Q: what happens if I miss a class?

Each of the classes during the Introduction module will be videoed. All students are sent the recording link within ten minutes of the class completion. I have been teaching astrology for 21 years, and all my past students have had to remember the information or refer to their written notes. You, however, are able to review any class as many times as you wish. If you miss a class, you can simply watch the recording.

Q: when the Introduction module has finished, can I go on to learn about Astrology in more depth?

Yes. Please visit the The Dynamics of Astrology – Professional Astrology Training

Q: what if I have a question which is not discussed here?

if you would like to know any other details or have any questions, please contact me.

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