How to enrol and pay

How to enrol

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Q: how do I enrol?

  1. You first need to register. Please complete the form.

NB. (for those uncertain of their birth time it is possible to obtain it through dowsing, and this can be done over the telephone – for details, please contact me).

2) Then you must make the payment. The  Introduction course cost  £400.00 for the complete 18 week Introduction course. You can pay via PayPal, the safest way to pay online,.

Choose whether you wish to attend in real time or to watch the videos. Click on the product and which will add to your shopping cart. Then click on the shopping cart and follow instructions. Which ever you choose you get all the items in 3):-

To personally attend the course in Real Time

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To view the course by Video Only

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If you need other payment options or have any questions please contact me.

3) Then I then send you the following:

  • your personal astrological birth chart on a black background, for viewing on screen
  • your personal astrological birth chart on a white background for you to print
  • some initial information about astrology and the scope and depth of what a chart can tell you
  • the first set of four sets of hand-outs for the course: this builds into a substantial document, Introducing the Dynamics of Astrology
  • 45 birth charts of famous people for you to build your chart portfolio

General information | How to enrol and pay | FAQs

Introduction to astrology and birth charts