Dynamics of Astrology – Professional Training Course

Dynamics of Astrology – Professional Training Course

Students who have completed the Introduction to the Dynamics of Astrology are invited to continue learning this ancient art at a very in-depth and personal level.

It can be said, an Astrologer’s task is to be able to accurately ‘read’ the life of another person.

To do Astrology, an Astrologer has to have a foundation of knowledge in all areas of life, and a thorough understanding of how the different sides of our lives can vary from person to person. An Astrologer has to know what it would be like to step into any other person’s experience, and be able to recount that experience as if it were their own, accurately. like a giving commentary of being there. This is akin to being able to appreciate a child’s classroom experience from around 144 different viewpoints, or 144 different ways of responding to stress, or 144 different perceptions of how to make relationships work. An underpinning knowledge of ancient history, the world’s cultures and popular mythologies such as Greek Mythology and Egyptology add substance to the Astrologer’s tool-box of knowledge and empathic potential.

Students will need to:

  • Be comfortable with there being no assigned homework, only the further reading you choose to do for yourself.
  • Bring a sense of humour and an open mind to learning and self-discovery.
  • Be willing to further develop your tolerance, compassion, understanding and insight into your fellow man, and yourself – by being open to honest self-exploration in a group learning experience.

The Astrobiography stage of the course will provide you with a profound understanding of the language of astrology, giving you an enriched insight into the complexities of the human condition. By the completion of the Astrobiography stage you will have a very thorough comprehension of the dynamics of astrological symbolism and a deep and highly skilled competence in the art of Astrological interpretation. The Astrobiography stage takes approximately 144 2.5-hour classes; further, optional stages are offered to you. The overall course length will be determined by the learning speed set by the delegates in the class and also by the frequency of classes; how many times we have a class each month (please see the 3 options in the fees section below).

There is a planned and well-defined sequence to the delivery of the course which unfolds into a profound depth of knowledge and understanding. You will take the path of self-exploration in the same natural sequence you unfold as you grow in life.

You will learn more about your past and how it has shaped, and is still influencing, your present. You will explore the range of possibilities in your future: the best you can achieve, and the worst you can achieve, and what you can do now to steer your life in one direction or the other. Astrology is a very good tool for helping you to clearly define what your realistic choices are.

This course will provide you with a map to your highest possibilities.

Introduction to astrology and birth charts